by Tom Millard

Referencing Laravel 5 illuminate packages in Lumen

laravel - lumen

This was strangely confusing for me, I went straight from Laravel 4, which might explain the problem.

I need to use Lumen for a lightweight project i was doing for a client, the whole Laravel framework seemed a bit overkill.

All i needed was 'Files' support in one of my Seeders, it turned out to be a bit of an ordeal. However looking back it was obvious, I just needed to include the namespace.

In order to use 'file' you would do something like this

use Illuminate\Database\Seeder;
use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;
use Illuminate\Support\Facades\File;
use App\Models\Files;

class FileSeeder extends Seeder {

    public function run()


This then gives you access to that namespace.

You can also include it globally using 'class_alias' and adding it to your bootstrap/app.php file.

or you can use it like this


We can apply this method to any of the available libraries under 'vendor/illuminate/*'