by Tom Millard

Using Traits in Laravel

php - laravel

Traits are essentially includes for your classes (I'm sure someone will correct me on that).

In Laravel I find them very useful for sharing functions/variables/etc between controllers.

For example string manipulation functions, which need to be shared across various controllers.

##Mapping traits First we need to tell Laravel about the existence of traits. Start by including the traits folder in the "autoload" part of the composer.json file.

    "autoload": {
        "classmap": [

In this layout the traits folder is in the app file, but it can be wherever you like or named anything. As long as this path matches up.

##Traits Syntax After this create a new file in your traits folder, so for me I created Strings.php

    trait Strings {

        private function clean($string) {
           return preg_replace("/[^ \w]+/", '', $string);


Name the trait the same as the file.

After saving this we need to run composer dump-autoload

##Hooking it all up Now that we have a trait and laravel is aware of its existence we simply use the following command under the class declaration, in any controlled we wish to include the trait.

use Strings;

and now we have access to the $this->clean([string]) function.

Thanks to Alex Hollyman 👍