by Tom Millard

Bulk Rename Images with Bash

Recently I had to bulk rename some jpg's from a horrible naming convention to something a bit more user friendly.

I wanted them to be formatted like this,


With the following bash command this was possible using a for loop

j=0; for file in *.jpg; do ((j++)) && mv "$file" "name-space-$j.jpg";  done

This piece of code does the following

  • Integrates over all the files (in this case jpg)
  • Increase the number variable by 1, j++
  • Then moves the file into a new name with our prefix and the integer

Now i have a loa of files with the following name name-space-0.jpg etc

(Warning: Always backup files if your pissing around for the first time with the terminal)

Also see Mass Move (mmv)