by Tom Millard

New Blog on Ghost

So I decided to start a blog, based on my experiences in the world of web development.

In this space I hope to 'knowledge dump' all the things I'm working on or problems I'm trying to solve and hopefully over time build up a repository of information which might be useful to people.

Why Ghost?

At the moment I'm trying to learn node and improve my knowledge of everything javascript, so why not write a blog in ghost.

Im using it straight out the box and I'm hosting it through ghost, but i hope to start working on a theme soon.

So far everything seems pretty easy to use. Will see how things go over the next 2 weeks.

##Your spelling is awful and your grammar is worse Writing is in no way my strongest skill, the main cause of this is - that I'm pretty dyslexic (its good that this word is difficult to spell) over the years i've managed to get by fine but blogging will defiantly highlight this problem.

Hopefully Blogging will also help me when it comes to improving my writing skills.

*cough* Ghost has no spell checker *cough*

##So you build website? Yep, I mainly build websites in Wordpress. I use a whole host of different tools todo my job and I'm always looking into new things. The latest of which is Grunt, which I'm currently figuring out.

##You have no website Im aware of this. (Technically I now have a blog) Edit: I now have a website (which i built in 15 mins, still counts)

So thats about it lets see how long this lasts for.

Tom Twitter: @millard_